Here’s Why Cosmetic Contract Manufacturers are Industry Experts


When it comes to developing cosmetics, contract manufacturers are industry experts who can save you from some of the common headaches and pains that come with launching new private label products.

Here are five reasons why:




1.Contract manufacturers know where the cosmetics industry is heading

When it comes to industry trends, contract manufacturers are at the forefront of industry change. They work with a wide array of clients on bringing new products to market, which provide them with valuable insights into up-and-coming trends in the cosmetics industry. Your manufacturing partner will be more than happy to provide guidance and insights into the development of your product, saving your business from common pitfalls that can be easily avoided. They see which trends are succeeding and which aren’t – these are valuable insights to have.

2. Contract manufacturers can help you choose the right cosmetics formula

When it comes to launching a new product, companies need to protect their brand’s reputation by picking the right cosmetic formula. Contract manufacturers have a wide array of formulas and they can help your business choose the appropriate one for your brand. A common misconception is that contract manufacturers offer inferior formulas to national brands. This is simply untrue. In fact, contract manufacturers typically offer high quality formulas to companies looking to develop premium cosmetic products.

3. Contract manufacturers have done cosmetic research and development

Manufacturers are specialized in the research and development of new formulas, which are all tested to ensure FDA regulation and quality assurance. With this specialized experience, contract manufacturers can provide insights to clients on what formula combinations work well together, and which combinations don’t. This experience can save your company from the headaches associated with research and development so that you can focus on the marketing of your products.

4. Contract manufacturers have a sharp eye for cosmetics branding and packaging development

Again, cosmetics manufacturers have worked with a variety of clients and have seen what works and what doesn’t. Their diverse client experience lends itself to helping clients develop packaging that will catch the eye of your target audience. In fact, many contract manufacturers have helped clients produce branding and packaging that rival even the best national brands. Not all manufacturers offer in-house design teams, but they do offer industry insights that can benefit your business.

5. Contract manufacturers are experienced professionals in shipping and logistics

Contract manufacturers are specialized in streamlining the shipping and logistics process, which means that they’re able to offer quick turnarounds and changes to products that aren’t typically feasible to in-house manufacturers. They offer operational efficiencies due to the specialization of their services and working with a diverse group of clients.

Key Takeaway

If your business is considering launching a new private label cosmetic product, it’s worth considering doing so through a contract manufacturer. The right manufacturing partner offers industry expertise that essentially comes free with your purchase order and can save you from expensive mistakes that are commonly made when producing private label products on your own.

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Private Label Skin Care Products – How to Choose a Manufacturing Partner

private label skin care manufacturer

When choosing a manufacturing partner, here are five important questions to ask:

How many private label skin care products have they manufactured?

It’s important to know experience level of your manufacturing partner. How many years have they been in business? As you focus on marketing your product, it’s important that the manufacturer is an expert in the development and fulfillment of your private label skin care product. You’ll want to find a manufacturer who has many years of experience in research and development, shipping, logistics, manufacturing, and order fulfillment. The manufacturer should be able to provide positive client references should you request them.

Are the formulas of the private label skin care products FDA-approved?

The last thing your business needs is backlash or a lawsuit due to a poor customer experience. Make sure that your manufacturing partner has taken all of the necessary steps to ensure the quality, including extensive formula testing. A good manufacturer will have a variety of certifications and quality controls in place across their entire line of products.

What categories of skin care products can the private label manufacturer produce?

If your initial private label skin care product sees success, you might want to expand your product line. Most private label manufacturers offer a wide range of skin products and formulas, but if you have specific products you’d like to expand into, it’s important to have this conversation earlier rather than later. Once you’ve chosen a manufacturer that you trust, it will be frustrating for both parties if you find that the manufacturer can’t fulfill your product line expansion requests.

Are there any additional charges and fees?

It’s a universal fact that no one likes hidden fees. Before signing any contracts, ask the manufacturer if there are any additional fees or costs that you could expect to see if working together. An honest manufacturer will tell you upfront about these charges, which will allow you to anticipate and incorporate these costs when planning your budget. Extra fees aren’t necessarily a bad thing either. Sometimes the additional work or accommodations warrant the added costs; however, they shouldn’t come as a surprise to you.

The Key Takeaway on Private Label Skin Care Manufacturers

When working with any business partner, communication the key to success. Working with a private label skin care manufacturers can be one of the best decision your business makes. This decision allows you to work with industry experts who are specialized in their field and can guide your business to success. The right manufacturing partner will allow you to streamline your product development so that you can focus on marketing and selling your products.

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Key Insights from a Private Label Cosmetics Manufacturer

Toying with the idea of launching your own private label cosmetics line? Then you’ve come across the right article!

With forty years of experience as a private label cosmetics manufacture and skin care products, we’ve had our share of learning lessons, which have provided us with unparalleled wisdom that we pass along to our clients.

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Great Reasons to Use a Private Label Cosmetics Manufacturer

Launching a private label product is a major decision that offers companies a great opportunity for success, but it can be a risky endeavor. One way to reduce risk is to work with a private label cosmetics manufacturer.

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